Database: How fit are your children?

Every year, thousands of California students are given a series of tests to determine their fitness level. Last year, 31 percent of California students had unhealthy levels of body fat and just 34 percent of students passed all six state fitness measures. Use this database to see how the students at your favorite school did, and to compare different schools.

Note: Includes only schools with either fifth-, seventh- or ninth-grade students.

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Key terms

Totally fit:

Passed all six state fitness measures.

Unhealthy weight: Body fat percentage exceeds 25 percent (males) or 32 percent (females).

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Notes: The physical fitness tests are given to fifth-, seventh- and ninth-graders, so schools that don't have students in any of those grades won't show up in this data. Unhealthy weight figures include a small number of children who are underweight.

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Source: California Department of Education