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Witness says Thompson admitted killing girls

A woman who was kidnapped at knife-point by Robert Thompson in 1986 said he admitted to her that he killed two girls — less than two weeks after bodies of 12-year-old Jodi Ragsdale and 15-year-old Sheila Carter of were found dead off a rural Merced County road on Dec. 13, 1986.

Meanwhile, a second witness in Thompson's double homicide trial also testified about possibly seeing blood in Thompson's bedroom not long after the Atwater girls' deaths.

The woman, who was 26 years old at the time of her abduction on Dec. 23, 1986, glanced at Thompson several times during her testimony, but was calm, her voice unwavering. She recounted how Thompson, 42, kidnapped her from Atwater in a black Chevrolet Monte Carlo, telling her "don't move and don't say anything.

She testified that Thompson drove her to an almond field in Le Grande, telling her that he would kill her if she said anything. After arriving at the orchard, the woman said she sat in the car with Thompson, trying to talk him out of harming her. "I was trying to talk him into being friends and 'don't hurt me' — and he told me that he had just put away two girls," she said.

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