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Castle's only restaurant keeps the crowds coming for more

Many mornings on the way to her job at Cingular Wireless, 29-year-old Ronelle Roach will stop at Enzo’s to grab a breakfast burrito from the grill.

By lunchtime, she’ll walk from her desk to the restaurant to grab a Philly cheese steak or hamburger with onion rings. And once in a while, she’ll save some leftovers to bring home to her boyfriend. While the convenience helps, it’s the food she’s after every time.

“I’ve never found (cheese steaks) as good as they are here,” she said recently. “It kind of tastes like it’s homemade.”

Others agree, and since opening in late December, the sole restaurant in Castle Commerce Center has been drawing a stream of hungry workers from the hospital, the flight academies and the call center at the former Air Force base, said 33-year-old co-owner Jimmy Casares Jr.

Surrounded by buildings of starving customers, the place kept popping through out the day. Even by 1:30 p.m., the lunch rush was still on.

The restaurant’s profit, he said, comes from the number of burgers, burritos and beverages sold, not the price.

The Philly cheese steak costs $7.25 and is Enzo’s signature sandwich because of the marinade and meat, he said. Chicken burritos run $5 and carne asada is a dollar more. Both come with rice and beans.

Casares, along with his partners Steve and Edmond Hormozi, picked Castle because Merced County will continue to grow, even if the economy is lagging at the moment.

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