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Hearing set for father accused of killing three-year-old daughter

Jericho Wright, the 26-year-old father accused of killing his daughter after she wet the bed, told a Merced County Superior Court judge that his parents hired an attorney to defend him against a murder charge.

The Dos Palos resident appeared in the Merced County Courtroom through a video feed from the jail Thursday afternoon. It was his first court appearance.

Wright remained expressionless as he answered Judge Marc Garcia’s yes-or-no questions about being able to afford a lawyer and if he would be prepared for the next hearing, March 4.

He paused for a few seconds, leaned forward and responded, “Yes, I think so.”

The charges against him weren’t discussed and the hearing lasted less than five minutes.

Wright’s brown hair was brushed forward and his glasses obscured his eyes. His yellow jumpsuit signified that he’s being held in protective custody, away from other prisoners.

Garcia asked the audience if Wright’s family or an attorney was at the hearing. No one came forward.

Wright was arrested Monday night after he called Dos Palos police officers and told them he found his 3-year-old daughter, Liadan Eva Wright, dead that morning.

He spent the day sleeping after getting drunk and swallowing a large amount of aspirin in a suicide attempt. He left a note. What he wrote has not been released.

Wright has since been taken off suicide watch and is being on $1.5 million bail at the John Latorraca Correctional Facility.

The autopsy results on the girl, found with a bruise on her forehead and a cut to her lip, will be released today.

Merced County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Tom MacKenzie declined to say what examiners concluded.