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Video: Preliminary autopsy results released in toddler's death

The 3-year-old whose father shoved her into the shower as punishment died from blunt force trauma to her head, Merced County Sheriff Mark Pazin said Friday.

Preliminary autopsy results show that 3-year-old Liadan Eva Wright had bruising to her head, shoulder and body, as well as cuts to her lip. The full autopsy results should be available next week.The Los Banos child died after her father pushed her into a cold shower as punishment Sunday afternoon when she wet herself for the second time in the day.

She suffered from multiple blunt force traumas, Pazin said, though he declined to elaborate on if the injuries were from one push or multiple pushes into the shower.

“I don’t want to compromise (the case) or get into all the findings,” he said during a press conference. “This is truly preliminary. People will have to draw their own conclusions.”

Pazin declined to offer what he called the “graphic details” of what caused Wright to die sometime Sunday night or Monday morning. A time of death has not been established.

Jericho Wright, a 26-year-old Dos Palos resident, is being held in jail in lieu of $1.5 million bail and is suspected of murdering his child.

He attempted suicide Monday by drinking wine, champagne and swallowing aspirin. Supervisors at the jail have kept a watch on him since his arrest.

“His daughter's dead and we firmly believe he was the person resopnsible for it,” Pazin explained. “It’s just a tragedy.”