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Myers found guilty of threatening witness

A man accused of threatening a witness in the trial of double-homicide suspect Robert Thompson is guilty a jury decided Thursday.

The jury’s verdict prompted the man to call the case a “travesty of justice.”

Jurors found Greg Myers guilty of attempting to dissuade a witness from testifying by either force or threat, a felony. Myers was arrested by Merced police in November for allegedly making several threatening phone calls to a defense witness in the Thompson case, Lucille Mejia.

Mejia, 54, testified during Thompson's trial that Myers, 38, admitted to her that he was responsible for the 1986 bludgeoning deaths of 15-year-old Sheila Carter and 12-year-old Jodi Ragsdale. Myers has never been considered by law enforcement as a suspect in the girls' deaths and has staunchly denied any involvement.

Myers was visibly upset after the jury read their verdict, putting his head down and saying “lies” as defense attorney Leanna Rhodes put her arm around him, trying to comfort him. After the jury read it’s verdict, Myers told Judge Hugh Flanagan that he was looking for justice and it “just wasn't there.”