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Foster Farms lawsuit costs Livingston nearly $1 million

LIVINGSTON — The city’s legal battle with Foster Farms, which dragged on for close to two years, cost just under $1 million.

Several residents have pressed the City Council for the total since the three lawsuits were settled in November 2007 and the final bills were just recently received.

The bill, City Manager Richard Warne said, was $989,622.09.

“I think the city is coming out ahead,” he said. “The city believes it’s better off financially today than it was 2 years ago.”

As a result of the lawsuit, Foster Farms will be able to save money on its requirement to protect the municipal water supply from its slaughterhouse and also not be inspected for past building code violations.

Livingston, in turn, will receive more tax revenue, valuable land and be able to avoid cleaning up sludge from the company’s wastewater treatment plant.