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Waxing poetic at Merced Union HSD

When Alejandro Yanez was growing up in Mexico, he said he didn’t have many opportunities to express himself. “Now, writing is something beautiful for me. I love it,” said the Merced High School junior.

Yanez is one of about a dozen students active in Merced High School’s chapter of the Valley Voices Writers’ Club.

The club, whose mission is to encourage and promote “creative, thoughtful multilingual and multicultural writing through observation, process, reading and study,” will hold it’s ninth annual Poetry Festival at 7 p.m. Friday at the Merced Multicultural Arts Center.

Shadow in the Sea

By Alejandro Yanez

Merced High School

The heart doesn’t want

to forget. It’s a star, a

moment of peace. Like

no one, you, beautiful moon.

I want to follow that shadow

in the sea. It navigates

day and night without stopping.

It’s a moment I don’t

want to forget.

While I close my eyes

you leave, and I can’t

explain what happened to you