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El Portal Market to find new location

Yosemite National Park's management team made the decision Thursday to relocate El Portal Market to the Special Park Uses building.

The historical market, dating back to 1934, burned to the ground Monday morning. It supplied El Portal residents and seasonal park employees with food and supplies.

The market had been closed since February for renovations and was planned to reopen this spring.

Now the situation has changed. In about nine months or less the market will reopen in the Special Park Uses building, which is right by its original space, said Scott Gediman, park spokesman.

The 15 employees already occupying the building will move out in the next week or two and relocate to another office space. The building will be altered to host a store, but does not need to undergo heavy construction.

This will be El Portal Market's new location for about the next six years. "Rather than waiting for the market to be rebuilt, this is the fastest way to get the store open and provide groceries for residents," Gediman said.