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Merced County fugitive arrested in Wyoming

A man who escaped from a Merced County jail 15 years ago has been arrested in Wyoming.

Suspect Samuel Fantauzzo, 51, was arrested last week by the Cody Police Department. He had escaped from the John Latorracca Correctional Facility in 1993 while serving a sentence for burglary, according to Merced County Sheriff's spokesperson Tom MacKenzie.

Fantauzzo is being held in Park County Jail and arrangements are being made to extradite him back to Merced. He had a sentence of 24 months that he will have to finish -- in addition to the escape charges that will be added, MacKenzie said.

Fantauzzo was listed as a transient, but had a driver’s license out of Oregon. He was positively identified by the two tattoos listed on the warrant for his arrest -- a coyote on his right arm and a rabbit on his left.