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Childcare could feel impacts of missing state budget

Some of California's youngest residents could be the first ones feeling the effect of living in a state with no approved budget.

California's almost 800 child care agencies will not see any state dollars until legislators pass a budget, State Superintendent of Schools Jack O’Connell announced Tuesday.

"Without a budget in place, we do not have the authority to pay these agencies for services rendered," O'Connell said. "So for the month of July and every month after that without a budget, these agencies will be without the financial resources they need to carry out their operations."

State officials are struggling with not only a $15.2 billion, but a deadlock between political parties who disagree on the best way to pull California out of the red.

In Merced County, this means everything from state preschool programs run by school districts to parents who rely on state subsidies to help pay for private child care will be effected by the lack of a state budget.