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Despite economy, values rising for agricultural land in Merced County

While prices for Merced homes keep going down, there is a bright spot in the world of real estate. Land that is used for agricultural purposes is not only holding its own in a bust economy, it's actually going up in value.

"There is definitely a demand for ag property," said Terry Priest, a real estate agent for Flanagan Realty in Merced.

The reason for that demand is linked to the prices that growers are getting for commodities, Priest said. Almond prices are at an all-time high despite a record-busting crop in the county this year.

Along with almonds, prices have been over the top for alfalfa growers and also for farmers growing corn.

"We've got people looking for land so they can plant alfalfa or almonds," Priest said.

Check Wednesday's Merced Sun-Star for the full story.