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Two of Merced's 'Most Wanted' arrested

Two of Merced County's "Most Wanted" were arrested this week.

Stacey Shelton, 41 and William Archer, 42, are in Merced County Jail after being profiled on the County's Web site, according to Merced County Sheriff's Office Deputy Tom MacKenzie.

Shelton was spotted by law enforcement officials Wednesday afternoon in Winton while he was spotted driving with his girlfriend, Monica Caton, 45, of Merced. When they attempted to pull Shelton over, a short pursuit began until they were able to block his vehicle, MacKenzie said. He gave up without incident.

Shelton was on parole for spousal abuse and was considered a parolee at large. Caton, after being interviewed, said she knew Shelton was wanted by law enforcement and that the Sheriff's Office was looking for him, said Sergeant Steve Sziraki.

Sziraki, detective Dustin Witt, parole agent Craig Donnahoe of the Merced Sheriff's Tactical and Reconnaissance Team (STAR) and deputy Johnny Mathis of the Merced Sheriff Gang Detective were in Winton looking for Shelton.

Caton was arrested for being an accessory and harboring a fugitive and remains in Merced County Jail on $50,000 bail.

Meanwhile, Archer was arrested late Tuesday night, the same evening his picture was posted to the Web site.

Archer was on parole for possession of stolen property and considered a parolee at large.