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Merced man pleads no contest to tagging charge

A Merced man pleaded no contest to a felony vandalism charge earlier this month, according to the Merced District Attorney's office.

Felipe Joe Ramos, 33, was sentenced on March 12 to three years in state prison for spray painting gang graffiti with his 13-year-old son on a vacant commercial building on Main Street. A witness called Merced Police, but Ramos and his son ran away when they saw the approaching officers. They were later found at their apartment. Ramos denied any knowledge of the crime but his son confessed, according to the district attorney's office. Police also noticed a spray paint lid in the apartment that matched the color of the graffiti, and noted paint on Ramos' hand.

After serving his prison sentence, Ramos will face a four-year parole period. He will appear in court on April 2, when the court will order fines and restitution for the damage he caused.