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MoonPie melee: Convenience store owners beat up man for stealing pastries, cigarettes

Two owners of a convenience store in Delhi were arrested after they beat up a customer who tried to shoplift MoonPies and cigarettes, according to the Merced County Sheriff's Department.

Tajinder Saini, 24, and Puneet Kamboj, owners of an Arco AM/PM convenience store and gas station in Delhi, allegedly beat up a man who lives at a nearby adult care facility after the man tried to shoplift the dessert treats and cigarettes.

They confronted the man and made him empty his pockets. Then Kamboj began pushing him and grabbed him in a "bear hug" as Saini started hitting him with a metal broom handle. They stopped when they saw blood coming from a cut above the man's eye, the sheriff's department said. They then released the man, who left the store and cleaned up in a nearby restroom. The owners reported the attempted theft to the sheriff's department, but didn't say anything about the beating.

The next day, officials at the adult care facility where the man lives contacted Deputy Mark Taylor and told him that the victim's arm was in a sling, he had two broken fingers, cuts to his face and several bruises on his back. After an investigation, Kamboj and Saini were arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. Both have placed the $30,000 bail.

A MoonPie is a round pastry with graham crackers, marshmallow and chocolate.