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Winton man arrested after passing false check at Merced store

David Braga
David Braga

A Winton man was arrested after allegedly passing a false check, the Merced Sheriff's Department said.

David Braga, 31, of Winton, was arrested this week after a check for $4,036.03 was returned to M&A Market of Merced. The store owner took a photo of Braga when the check was cashed about a month ago, the sheriff's department said. When Deputy Chris Sziraki saw the photograph, he recognized Braga, whose name was not listed on the check.

Braga denied involvement, but Sziraki was able to match tattoos on his neck to the photograph. Braga was booked into Merced County Jail on charges of passing a fake check. He remains there on $10,000 bail.