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Update: United Way says more local donations mean more money for its partners

The local United Way chapter said donations are up.

"Thanks to all the generous people in Merced County, we are able to increase the amount of funding to this year's partner agencies." said Sean McCleod, president of United Way Merced County. “We will be giving each of them their portion of an additional $10,000 each quarter this year. When donations are up, we believe it is appropriate to share the extra funds with our partners.”

Added Flip Hassett, executive director: "While funding is only part of what United Way does for the community, it is a very important part, as the programs we support are vital to the health and well-being of all our communities in Merced County."

Checks will distributed to the president of each partner's board of directors at the Holiday Bash held for the partner agencies Thursday evening, Dec. 4, at the Multicultural Arts Center.

Partner programs fall into one of three groups: Fulfilling Basic Needs, Helping Youth to Succeed and Family Health & Wellness.

If you want to help, send a check to United Way of Merced County, 1744 N. G Street, Suite H, Merced, CA 95340. You can also go online to and pay by credit card.