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Swine flu vaccine spray recalled; Merced County received 600 doses

Merced County received several hundred doses of recalled swine flu vaccine mist, the department of public health announced Wednesday.

A total of 600 of the recalled mists were received on Oct. 6 and recalled this week. The mists were distributed at county-sponsored vaccine clinics in Merced and Los Banos in early October.

MedImmune, a Maryland-based pharmaceutical company, announced Tuesday that it had recalled 13 batches of the 2009 H1N1 nasal spray flu mist, because potency of the vaccines had decreased over time.

On Dec. 18 and 21, the manufacturer notified the Centers for Disease Control and Food and Drug Administration that the potency of the now-recalled mists “had decreased below the pre-specified limit or were at risk of falling below that limit within the upcoming week. The vaccine was within the specified range at the time the vaccine was distributed,” according to the CDC’s Web site.

Leaders in Merced County believe the vaccines distributed here hadn’t lost any potency before they were given out, because the mists hadn’t stayed long on the shelf.

“Based on the information that the Health Department has received from the CDC, we believe that the vaccine delivered and distributed during the month of October met the potency requirements,” said Dr. Timothy Livermore, Merced County Public Health Officer, in a press release. “Based on that information, we do not recommend any follow-up action for anyone who may have received the vaccine, but do want to remind parents of children under 10 to ensure that their children receive two doses of H1N1 vaccine roughly a month apart to best protect young children against this flu.”

This is the second major flu vaccine recall this month. On Dec. 15, the county department of public health announced that it had received 400 recalled vaccine shots intended for children less than three years old.

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