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Atwater city council and planning commission to hold join tpublic meeting Monday

ATWATER — The City Council and Planning Commission will hold a joint public meeting Monday to discuss the possible creation of design regulations for the community.

City officials are concerned that with a number of undeveloped, vacant lots around the city that there need to be design standards to ensure compatible construction techniques and appearances.

Design regulations are used in many cities. The desire in having them is to protect against a builder erecting an inferior product in a neighborhood of perhaps bigger, more expensive homes. At the same time, the standards can draw controversy because they dictate what people can build or remodel on their land. In some communities, design standards can reach as deep as dictating paint colors and construction materials.

Atwater’s meeting is to discuss the city’s overall goals and objectives relating to the creation of such guidelines. It is open to the public and will take place at 6 p.m. Monday at the Atwater Community Center, 760 E. Bellevue Rd.

— Amy Starnes