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Merced fair schedules one-day mandatory event for beef exhibitors

The Merced County Fair said it scheduled a one-day only, mandatory event for Thursday, Feb. 17, for 2011 Merced County Fair market beef exhibitors.

All market beef exhibitors -- 4-H, FFA and Independents -- are required to bring their animals to Turlock Livestock Yard, 10430 North Lander Ave., Turlock, Thursday from 1 to 4 p.m. to participate in the event.

All animals will be pre-weighed, hair follicles will be pulled for potential DNA testing and animals also will be ear-tagged. Merced County fair representatives will be at Turlock Livestock that day to ear tag and take the animal's certified scale weight and pull a hair sample to be put on file. All independent market beef exhibitors are required to provide a photo of their animal and proof of ownership at the pre-weigh. Those who don’t meet the deadline requirements won’t be permitted to show animals at the fair.

An information packet for Independent Junior Livestock exhibitors is available at the fair office, 900 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Merced.

The theme of the 2011Merced County Fair, June 15-19, is "Saddle Up For Fun." For information, call the fair office at (209) 722-1507, fax at (209) 722-3773, email to, go to and connect on Facebook and Twitter.