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Denham vows not to approve any GSA leases till he gets requested info from the agency

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Rep. Jeff Denham, chairman of the Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings and Emergency Management, said he won't approve any leases from the General Services Administration (GSA) until the agency provides all the information that that he, and the committee, are requesting.

Furthering his agenda to cut government waste and do away with unused, excess federal buildings, Denham stated in a news release that he still has not received a complete list of properties losing money on yearly basis. Although GSA provided a list of GSA owned properties, the list did not include pertinent revenue information, according to the release.

Denham wants to ensure that open communication with GSA is maintained to eliminate government waste and unused federal properties. In order to do so, Denham asked for recommendations of how to streamline the process in order to get this information faster in the future. Commissioner Peck, agreed to get the information to the committee.

“I am hopeful that all of the other departments will work with GSA and with the committee as well in order to get a complete list of properties, their costs and revenue streams,” said Chairman Denham. “We need fast answers. We want to work together to make sure that these answers are available to the public.”

Denham has been pursuing the GSA and working towards eliminating government waste since his first day in office and as a California State Senator.

Watch Denham’s opening statement here: