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Great Egg Hunt Brings Poetry To The People (Or The Dog Park. Or The Grocery Store)

It's not Easter, and I’m not in the dairy lobby, but good things really can come in eggs.

Dawn Trook, a Merced writer, musician, baker, actor, performer, and educator has spent the last few weeks organizing the Great Egg Hunt, a project that hides poems in plastic Easter eggs and sprinkles them around the city. The idea is that you can be walking around, living your life, when suddenly there’s a flash of color and you turn out to be the finder of a hidden poem, folded up carefully and left to the whims of the world.

Trook posts clues about the eggs and their locations on the Great Egg Hunt website, which is updated daily, and allows room for finders to post information about their search and what they found. Currently, there is a team of poets working and hiding eggs around the city.

Hair Club for Men-style, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that this project is important to me, in part, because I’m helping with it. But I also think it’s important because our lives get crowded so quickly with the concerns we face every day. Unexpected art can open a window sometimes, or can bring us closer to ideas we otherwise might not have noticed. I think that’s a powerful thing.

You can check out the Great Egg Hunt website at Or, just keep your eyes peeled and look for pastels.