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Deputies bust man in Atwater for allegedly stealing $7 in change from cars

Merced County sheriff’s deputies arrested a man in Atwater for breaking into several cars and stealing $7 in loose change.

On Wednesday about 1:40 a.m. the sheriff's office got a call from a witness who said a man was going from car to car looking for items to steal in the 5900 block of Sugarplum Drive in Atwater.

Deputy Brandon Thomas arrived at the scene, along with Sgt. Charles Hale. They found the suspect described by the victim hiding under a car in one of the driveways.

After detaining Joshua Tulk, 28, they found several items in his pockets, including three packs of cigarettes, a business card holder and about $7 in loose change, according to a sheriff’s department news release. Also located in his pockets was a wallet with the driver’s license to a residents down the street. Tulk also had a felony warrant for his arrest for possession of stolen property.

After Thomas and Hale contacted all five victims, they positively identified the property Tulk had in his pockets as being property they had in their vehicles. They were even able to identify the loose change because one victim said there was a $1 coin in the center console and Tulk had a $1 coin among the loose change, according to the news release.

Tulk was arrested and booked for the felony warrant, six counts of petty theft and possession of stolen property. He remains on $36,000 bail.