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Merced gang member arrested for throwing punches at sheriff's deputy

Daniel Salazar
Daniel Salazar

The Merced Sheriff’s Office said it arrested a man after he allegedly started throwing punches at a deputy during a routine traffic stop in Merced.

On Saturday at 11:30 a.m. Deputies Eric Nelson and Harold Nolen stopped a vehicle in the area of Ashby Road and Beachwood Avenue for a routine traffic citation. As Nolen was writing the ticket, Daniel Salazar, 32, of Merced approached Nolen and stared at him, according to Deputy Tom MacKenzie.

Nolen asked the subject several times if he could help him. Salazar started throwing punches at the deputy, according to MacKenzie. Both deputies took the suspect to the ground and placed him under arrest for battery on a peace officer.

When he was booked and asked why he did what he did, Salazar said, "I just felt like fighting." After booking it was learned that Salazar had a history of fighting with law enforcement officers and had a warrant for narcotics. He is also a validated member of a criminal street gang. Salazar remains in custody on $5,750 bail.

--Sun-Star staff