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CHP puts pace cars on Hwy 152 at Los Banos because of 'dangerous' fog

CHP said it's pacing traffic on Highway 152 from Los Banos to the Merced/Madera County line because of "dangerous" fog reported, with visitility 200 to 500 feet ahead. CHP reminded drives to stay behind the pace vehicle.

The public is advised to delay travels if possible. In fog, slow down, increasing your following distance and turn on low-beam headlights. At intersections you can roll down your windows and listen for approaching vehicles before proceeding.

If you have to stop in the fog, make sure you are completely off the roadway before stopping, and once off the road turn off all vehicle lights.

If your vehicle has automatic or running lights, make sure you turn the light switch on to ensure that your vehicle has both headlights and tail lights in the fog.

Call 1-800-427-7623 for the latest road conditions statewide or go to and click on the "Travel" tab under "Highway Conditions." You can also follow CHP on Twitter at @CHPCentralDiv