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Rubber Bark launches protective weed cloth to its line of landscape products

BALLICO--Rubber Bark, the leading West Coast rubber mulch manufacturer, said it launched a protective weed cloth this week to its line of eco-conscious and budget conscious landscape products with the intent to streamline the process for customers to get both Rubber Bark’s signature mulch and the landscape fabric under one company.

Rubber Bark decided to include a weed cloth to its repertoire because of its importance in maintaining a beautiful landscape and its complementary features with Rubber Bark for many projects including gardens, playgrounds, edging and yards, the company said in a news release.

The weed cloth, which will come with the quality and guarantee of a Rubber Bark labeled product, acts a penetration barrier for weeds, and protects perennials surrounded by Rubber Bark™ from weed invasion. Known as “geotextiles,” weed cloth is typically permeable fabric that has the ability to separate, filter, reinforce and protect drain systems. Rubber Bark will be carrying fabric made of Polypropylene in four different sizes.

Using Rubber Bark ensures the additional benefit of lengthening the life of perennials because it protects it from unnecessary sunlight yet allows for moisture and nutrients to pass through its pores and it provides an escape for trapped carbon dioxide, a toxic build up that can lead to sterile soil, according to the release.

“It’s the perfect complementary product with Rubber Bark,” CFO of Rubber Bark Rob Nairn said in the release. “Rubber Bark is to weed cloth like peanut butter is to jelly."

Obtaining Rubber Bark mulch and weed cloth at the same location also allows for customer cost efficiency, as deliveries can be made in one trip and all the products needed for a weed-free project can be found in one place.

“Rubber Bark wanted to make it easier for customers to get both great products in one simple swoop,” Rubber Bark Jana Nairn said in the release.

“We are very excited to bring this new Rubber Bark product to our clients. It gives that extra protection some landscapes may need in weed prone areas.”

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