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Denham says administration wants high-speed rail 'at any cost'

WASHINGTON, D.C. - During a December 15, 2011, hearing on the viability of the California High Speed Rail Project, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Administrator, Joseph Szabo, repeatedly asserted to Rep. Jeff Denham, a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, during questioning that the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) had no contact with the FRA when conducting its analysis and therefore their review was suspect and illegitimate. In a letter dated Dec. 20, the LAO states that Szabo “egregiously misstated the facts” during the hearing, and that “nothing could be further from the truth.” (Letter attached) “This is one more example of how the Administration wants this project at any cost, they will spend lavishly without a disciplined plan and also say anything to get it done,” Denham said in a news release upon receiving a copy of the LAO letter to Mr. Szabo. At the Dec. 15 hearing Denham was interested in a complete record of the FRA’s communications with the LAO regarding the project. Since receiving the letter from LAO, the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has requested these records. What else does the FRA know that they are hiding from taxpayers? Below is a link to Denham’s exchange with Szabo: VIDEO: “Not one conversation”: