Peach Classic ends its summer run with a Los Banos bowler on top of standings.

SUN-STAR PHOTO BY MARCI STENBERG Don Surdich, bowling columnist COLSIG
SUN-STAR PHOTO BY MARCI STENBERG Don Surdich, bowling columnist COLSIG Merced Sun-Star

The unofficial standing are out now from the 69th Annual Peach Classic singles in Modesto with a couple of local area bowlers on the main prize list.

Eric Nieman of Los Banos is still standing in first place with a 1,240. In ninth place is Merced's Minda Krone with a 1,202 In a tie for 84th place is Dennis LeFevre from Los Banos with a 1,086. In another tie is Michael Munoz from Los Banos in 92nd with a 1,082 and Kim Deathriage of Ripon in a tie for 98th with 1,080.

Nieman was also a winner in the Bonus Day with his 1,240 that he rolled on July 1 good for $100. If the final standings hold up, there would be checks coming out at the end of the month. Atwater's Sylvia Giordano missed out this year, in the past few years she always place for $100.

Black Oak Senior Results

We had a good group of local bowlers rolling last Friday at Black Oak Lanes monthly senior singles no-tap. In the first game had Gustine's Kim Heller taking third in the high game pot with a 274 and Keith Hunter of Merced rolling a 284 for second in the men's high game pot.

In the second high game pot had Alice Stover in second with a 299. In the third high game pot Linda Roach and Ed Rowen both finished in third place.

In the overall series winners Rowen and Heller took third place. The top winner of the day was Stover in first place with an 849 series.

Up next will be McHenry Bowl with their monthly regular no-tap this Friday at 1 p.m. Their pot-luck lunch starts at noon with sign-ups at 12:30 p.m. Entry fee is $16.

High Rollers

David King 246, Patty Harrell 190/547, Linda Roach 191, Adam Andrino 224, Yolanda Walsh 191, Nevora Nush 184, John Krone 198, Jerry Hill 223, Laura Sanders 152, John Paik-Tesh 135, Verna Fellows 189, Ed "Slick" Huddleston 592, Tim Porter 204, Sean Kucius 245, Jesse Andrade 230, Adam Farris 211, and Mike Giordano 245/705.

Update on saving Cloverleaf Family Bowl

Recent e-mail from the bowl states that they have signed up over 17,678 on their petition so far. They are shooting for 25,000. The California Bowling News had an article of the effort of the bowl and their bowlers.

The petition is till active. Take a few minutes of your time to lend your support to this cause. You can add your name to the count, e-mail them at http:/

It has drawn a ton of support from Southern and Northern California bowlers and bowling centers. Let's support the center and its bowlers. Join the petition to help Cloverleaf survive.

The Curtain Tournament is on its way

The Merced/Atwater Women's 500 Club Annual Behind the Curtain 9-pin no-tap singles tournament is coming up on Sunday, Aug. 19 at 1:30 p.m.

This tournament is open to all USBC members and there are divisions for men and women. You rolled three games with the curtain hanging from the ceiling between the bowlers and the pins. Sound like fun.

You will use your 2017-2018 composite average and handicap of 80 percent of 230. Entry fee is $25 per bowlers and is limited to the first 80 paid entries. Entry forms are now available at the trophy case at Bellevue Bowl.

Don Surdich is a Sun-Star correspondent. He can be reached at 209-777-1111 or via e-mail at