Livingston soccer gets revenge against Hilmar

After bringing home the Yosemite Cup, the Livingston High School soccer team wasted no time in adding another win to their overall all record.In the first league play of the 2007 WAC season, the Wolves gained a satisfying victory over the Hilmar Yellowjackets. It was a much-coveted win after the Pack fell to Hilmar in last seasons playoffs.

The first half seemed very evenly matched as both the Wolves and Jackets used every square inch of the field attempting to gain the upper hand.Livingston goalie Alonzo Lara easily picked off what was sent his way, leaving Hilmar to only score one goal off of a penalty kick. The score was 2 to 1 going into the half in favor of Livingston.

As the game resumed, both teams turned up their intensity. The game became more physical and more verbal as the minutes began to tick off the game clock. Frustrated by their inability to score, the Jackets began to disintegrate, First turning their comments to Livingston and then towards the referees.

Penalty cards began flying, including the dreaded “red” card. Hilmar coaching staff caught up in the card frenzy even found themselves with a “yellow” card.

Meanwhile, the Wolves used the situation in the second half to their advantage, shutting down all efforts by their opponents to score. And in championship flare, the Pack secured five of their own goals to make the final score LHS 7- Hilmar 1. A rematch between the two teams is scheduled for September 26, in which Hilmar will have home advantage. Before the rematch, both teams will have gone through the WAC team circuit.Reporter Kathy Hibma can be reached at