Merced soccer game ends in brawl

TURLOCK — The Merced boys soccer team’s unbeaten streak may or may not have come to an end on Monday.

Merced’s game with Pitman was suspended with two minutes to go after a brawl broke out on the field.Pitman was leading 2-1.

Merced coach Bart McAfee wasn’t sure whether the final minutes would be made up — and frankly, he isn’t too concerned about it.

“The refs said play was suspended. Was it a loss? Maybe it was or maybe it wasn’t,” McAfee said.“I can tell you this, we’re not driving back to Pitman to make up those two minutes.

“It was a mess. I was out there screaming, trying to get people off the field.”

The scuffle took place inside the Pitman penalty box during a Merced cornerkick.

Cristian Alvarez got tangled up with the Pitman goalie — and the chaos ensued from there. Four players were given red cards, including two from Merced, which entered the game with a 14-game unbeaten streak.