Shawn Jansen: What I would change about prep football

Shawn Jansen

There are a few penalties in high school football that just don't make sense.

What is so wrong with two kids chest-bumping to celebrate a touchdown?

These kids work all week to play on Friday nights.

When they get into the end zone, they should be allowed to enjoy themselves a little bit.

Especially in the playoffs.

Teams should only be penalized when the celebrations get out of control or when a team is trying to show up another team.

However, we'll leave that discussion for another day.

What I want to talk about is the worst penalty in high school football.

In my mind, it's offensive pass interference.

You can't hurt your team more than drawing a flag for offensive pass interference.

It's the death penalty.

Not only does offensive pass interference come with a 15-yard penalty, the offense also loses a down.

The penalty for offensive pass interference is more severe than a lineman taking a cheap shot at a linebacker.

Is this really the worst thing a player can do on the field?

I don't mind a team getting penalized the 15 yards.

Many times receivers are dragging down defensive backs to prevent interceptions.

Fair enough.

But the loss of down?

Teams aren't penalized a down in college or the NFL.

Somebody really needs to take a second look at this penalty.