Shawn Jansen: Buhach Colony girls hoops loses another star

Shawn Jansen

Snubbed. Slighted. Overlooked.

That pretty much sums up how I felt as I read Sun-Star sports editor James Burns rattle off his top 50 sports personalities in Merced County for 2009.

I was nowhere on the list.

Let's just say things are pretty tense around the office.

I also have a feeling when I compile my list of the 50 sexiest sports personalities for Merced County, James Burns will be nowhere on that list.

As we gear up this week with basketball teams beginning league play, here's a couple notes and tidbits from the prep world:

IF I COMPILED a list of the 50 angriest sports personalities in Merced County, Buhach Colony girls coaches Jeff Rivero and Eugene Drummond would be near the top of that list.

For the second straight season, the two coaches have watched as one of their top players quit to focus on softball.

Rivero and Drummond made it a big public squabble with softball coach Bobby Dallas last year when Brianna Fulkerson quit the team.

Fulkerson had just been cleared to play basketball after rehabbing a torn ACL.

She played two games before leaving the team to focus on softball.

Rivero and Drummond pointed the finger at Dallas. They felt he talked her into quitting the team.

This year, it was Cassie Kalapsa leaving the team after just one game. Kalapsa scored 21 points in a 46-41 win over Central Valley.

Kalapsa recently accepted a softball scholarship to the University of New Mexico.

"It's a heck of a coincidence," Drummond said. "Cassie played for me for four years. She's a great kid and a great athlete.

"I'm genuinely happy she got a Division I scholarship. But it's tough losing an All-Area player for the second year in a row."

MERCED FOOTBALL coach Rob Scheidt says he hasn't been contacted by Clovis.


Jerry Campbell resigned as Clovis' football coach three weeks ago.

Scheidt's name was quickly all over online forums as a possible replacement.

Scheidt isn't exactly sitting by the phone.

"I may not hear from them," said Scheidt, who expressed interest in the Clovis West job last year before withdrawing his name from consideration.

"They have a lot of irons in the fire. I'm in a pretty good situation where I'm at."

Scheidt should be happy he doesn't work at Boston College.

Boston College athletic director Gene DeFilippo has said Golden Eagles coach Jeff Jagodzinski will be fired if he interviewed with the New York Jets on Monday.

Scheidt also said the Merced staff knew going into the year that they would be losing three assistant coaches.

That's why Scheidt had 11 varsity coaches on staff this year.

Jake Messina stepping down as defensive coordinator was a surprise, though.

LOS BANOS football coach Dennis Stubbs will have to put away the golf clubs for a couple weeks in June.

Stubbs and his staff will be pulling double duty in coaching the South in the 36th annual Lions All-Star Football Classic in Stockton and the North team in the Chowchilla Rotary All-Star game the following week.

"It's fun, but I do it more for my staff," said Stubbs, who led Los Banos to the playoffs for the first time in a decade this fall.

"It's another excuse for us to get together and have some fun. There's also a lot of great athletes I'll get to coach."

Stubbs is still looking for his first all-star win.

He's 0-2 in the Chowchilla game and 0-1 as a coach in the Fresno City-County game.

"You had to bring that up," Stubbs said. "I haven't won yet, but they've all been close."

Stubbs will meet with a selection committee made up of coaches to pick his all-star team for the Lions game on Jan. 24.

The game is scheduled for June 20th at the University of the Pacific.

Stubbs will then have three practices to get his North team ready for the Chowchilla game on June 26th.

"It will be a pressure-packed two weeks," Stubbs said. "We have a lot of stuff to get in.

"I'll have fun. I'll let my assistants coach."

Shawn Jansen is a Sun-Star sports reporter. He can be reached at 385-2462 or via e-mail at