The Mailbag: Souza-isms

Lou Souza, and his "-isms," are quite popular.


Souza just doesn't leave it at baseball. A few years back we are playing a pretty game Pitman squad and Stephon Mathis had rolled his ankle a few weeks prior. Bernard Bolden steps in and has a monster game on offense and defense. I was standing next to Souza on the sidelines and it was towards the end of the game when he says "tomorrows headline should read "The BoldenChild" I thought that would be pretty cool that he had thought of that, especially because my head was seriously involved in the game and I just wasn't thinking about tomorrows headline. The funny things was, is that's exactly what the sports headline said the next day. I don't know if he told a reporter or they were on the same page that night. It's hard to top "The Icon" of Merced High. What a guy, great article.

p.s. In the spirit of The Showman and Dr. Pain we definitely need more nicknames for next year's football season. Always fun to read especially if they live up to them. No pressure, hey ESPN does a NEXT all the time. I 'm sure the Sunstar can bring it's A game for something like that.

Seneca Ybarra, Merced High School (Social Science)


No Souza-ism but back in the early 90’s during an American Legion game I hit a fastball to dead center that ricochets off the top of the fence.  Souza says I “let out my parachute” to admire the blast.  Well, I only got to first base instead of hustling for extra bases.  Whenever I didn’t hustle, coach would remind me of that summer at-bat.  Even to this day  (now a teacher at Merced High) he gets in a jab about that at-bat.

Rennel Rhodes, Merced High




I read the Lou Souza article in the Merced Sun Star today.


Anyhue, just wanted to share my very limited experiences with coach Souza.  I attended Merced High School from 1993 to 1997.  I played on the Merced JV baseball team on, I think, 1995 - 96 (junior year).  Halfway through the year, I was booted off the team because of academics.  I could've done better in the classroom, but I got bad grades on purpose--partly, because I wanted to be cool and partly, because I wanted to use it as an excuse to leave the team.  The next year (senior), since all of the school's athletes from the year before were placed in the 6th period PE class, I was assigned to coach Souza for PE.  During the first week of school, coach Souza kicked me out of his PE class and told me that he did not want me to be a part of the team.   I wasn't planning to try out for baseball that year so it really wasn't that big of a blow to me.  I rationalized that coach Souza simply disliked me. I didn't get it at the time. 


Fast forward a few months later.  My friend and I were in line to get into a high school football game.  Coach Souza was in front of us.  My friend, Kevin, and coach Souza also had some history.  I can't recall exactly what it was, but I think Kevin was kicked out of coach Souza's math class because Kevin was just being Kevin (think: nonconformist who ended up getting his GED because he disliked formal schooling).  Anyhue, as we get up to pay our way into the stadium, Coach Souza tells the lady that he would pay our way in.  We we're both stunned because we both assumed he hated us. :)


Now that I'm 30, I finally get coach Souza.  Since high school, I've gone on to graduate from UCLA and I'm a young professional in the bay area.  I guess coach Souza was right.  I wasn't committed to baseball when I was in high school and in general I was confused about a whole lot of things (see: bad grades because I wanted to be cool as an example).  Although things have turned out great, I wish I could've figured out my (bleep) earlier in life, because I would've made baseball/school/goals much more of a priority in high school.   


I doubt he'll remember any of this or me, but could you pass on my email to him.




Keo (Sae)chao