Who Should Replace Tony Lewis as MC Football Coach?

Let the debate begin.

Lewis' resignation of the post came on last Thursday morning. The MC coach has taken quite a beating from our Sun-Star online following this season. A number of people even frequently called for Lewis' head. So I was curious as to whom the populous thought should replace the 31-year legend.

I would assume the local community would want someone from the area, but I'd be interested to see whom you guys would suggest. Offensive coordinator Bob Casey and Defensive coordinator Sam Severo are possibilities, but many people seem to want an entirely knew regime.

The biggest stickler could be that the position requires a masters so the new coach can teach at the school. As MC athletic director Steve Cassady said, whomever takes over will have to be a diehard.

The position isn't exactly set up to be successful. There are only three assistant coaches with positions on campus and the team's funding is minimal. Someone will have to be extremely dedicated to help right the ship.

Are there any suggestions out there that we can discuss?