Huddleston's ESPN ranking

Here's what a scout has to say about Merced guard Allen Huddleston, who, according to ESPN, is the 108th-ranked point guard in the nation:

"July, 2008: Huddleston is not a pure point guard just yet, but after monitoring his progress at Double Pump #2 he appears to be heading in that direction. Huddleston has ideal size for the 1 and he possesses great quickness and speed as well. He can break down opponents off the dribble with regularity and he has an innate ability to find teammates in traffic. He can nail the jump shot in transition and/or in the half court set and his release is fairly solid (keeps his elbow in). Huddleston still plays too fast at times and needs to develop more savvy for the 1 position, but he does have the talent to play at the Division I level."