Fish Report (2/25/09)


The sediment-filled water should hit the main Sacramento River from Rio Vista east by early this week. The river was relatively clear over the weekend. This should all change with the heavy rains in the upper Sacramento River watershed. Pam Hayes at Benicia Bait said live mud shrimp has been hot for a few anglers. Steve Hannah had a great day on his boat this week with 5 keeper sturgeon from 49 to 56 inches to go with three shakers on live mud shrimp near Buoy 6 at the Mothball Fleet. Todd Diehl has fished Suisun Slough for several days in a row for four keeper sturgeon to 6 inches, six shakers and a couple of legal bass. Mike Andrews of Predator Sport Fishing avoided all the normal spots Saturday and found fish in shallow water on south Suisun Bay. They landed four legal sturgeon to 61 inches to go with six shakers and a couple of legal stripers, with the best bite on the outgoing tide with straight grass shrimp. Jay Lopes of Right Hook Sport Fishing released two oversized fish at 90 and 74 inches on the outgoing tide on ghost or straight grass shrimp Saturday in upper Suisun Bay. Kevin Yost of Lucky Strike Fishing recommended working the afternoon outgoing tides would be the best option, with this system likely to create some of the same tide flows on the morning incoming tides. Striper fishing has slowed as the fish are moving into the upper portion of the river system for the upcoming spawn. There have been some large stripers to 18 pounds on shallow- running lures in Montezuma Slough before the water turned muddy. Randy Pringle, the Fishing Instructor, said the warm storms have raised air and water temperatures, making the bass begin to migrate to the back sloughs in anticipation of spawning. The key is to work east/west facing sloughs not as affected by the winds, keeping the water clearer. The Optimum Double-Diamond swimbait in sunfish or No. 5 Strike King in shad worked along the outside weedlines have been productive for quality fish. The Pure Poison swimming jig in black/blue is another good option. Overcast conditions enhance the bite. Call: Happy Hooker (510) 223-5388; Randy Pringle 543-6260; Kevin Yost, Lucky Strike Fishing (707) 301-8050, Mark Wilson Sport Fishing (916) 682-1630, Fin Addict Sport Fishing 367-4665.

Delta Mendota Canal and Sloughs

Merritt Gilbert and Patrick Movey of the Fisherman's Warehouse in Fresno reported fast sales of Lucky Craft 128's or the skinny 127 in Ghost Minnow or bone for tossing into the white water near the weirs in the Aqueduct near Firebaugh. Pete Cormier of Bob's Bait in Bakersfield said the striper action has been consistent in the south aqueduct near Taft with blood or sand worms or the River2Sea Bubble Pop.

Lake Don Pedro

Manny Basi of the Bait Barn reported 8-inch Huddleston swimbaits in rainbow trout pattern with a Rate of Fall of 12 in deep water to 50 feet have been working for quality fish. The other productive baits are half- or three-quarters-ounce Berserk jigs in brown or brown/purple or quarter-ounce Revenge dart heads in water as deep as 70 feet. A few anglers have been targeting king salmon to 16 inches with Stingking E-chip lures or rolled shad at depths from 60 to 150 feet. There is still a decent bite for planted trout near Fleming Meadows or Blue Oaks. A trout plant is scheduled for this week. The lake is at 57 percent capacity. Call: Monte Smith 581-4734, Danny Layne-Fishn' Dan 586-2383, Bait Barn 874-301.

McClure Reservoir

Several experienced anglers worked the lake Saturday on a "Witch Hunt" for king salmon, with several fish to 14.5 inches landed on rolled shad behind a dodger at 1.5 mph. The largest was just over a pound by Kyle Wise. Brook trout to 4 pounds are inhaling threaded crawlers behind a blade to 15 feet near the Buoy Line. A trout plant is scheduled for this week. Manny Basi at the Bait Barn in Waterford said small bass have been hitting quarter-ounce dart-head plastics or jigs to 70 feet in the Narrows section. Catfishing continues to be slow. The lake rose 1,094 acre-feet to 30 percent capacity. Call: A-1 Bait 563-6505, Fishwrangler's Guide Service 604-8222, Bub Tosh 404-0053.

McSwain Reservoir

McSwain Marina reported the lake full as of Monday, but the water has been released throughout the week. The water comes from the bottom of Lake McClure, and as a result is a bit murky. Power Bait or night crawlers have worked from banks near the Marina, the Handicapped Docks or the Brush Pile. A trout plant is set for this week. That and stable water levels should return bite to normal. Call: 378-2534

New Melones Reservoir/Tulloch

Trout fishing is still best from the shorelines or on the anchor in Angels or Glory Holes Coves or near the Tuttletown Launch Ramp, Melanie Lewis of Glory Hole Sporting Goods said. Rainbow, pink, chartreuse glitter Power Bait, marshmallow/crawler combinations, Kastmasters in silver/blue or silver/chartreuse or Roostertails in yellow or rainbow trout have produced. Bruce Shores of Modesto landed a 2.2-pound brown trout on a garlic marshmallow off Glory Hole Point. Mel Taguinod of Rio Vista caught a limit of rainbows on pink Power Bait in the same area. Live minnows under a bobber have been working. Trout are chasing shad in the creek arms. Trollers should keep their bait on the surface in the early morning, dropping to 15 feet with the sun. Bass fishing is improving, with the largest on spinnerbaits dragged across banks to 30 feet. Spotted bass are moving shallower and seem to be getting ready to spawn. Numbers of bass can be caught by dragging a drop-shot rigged or split-shot rigged 4-inch shad-colored or oxblood worm on secondary points or submerged island tops, or by vertical spooning with a Hopkins Spoon under bait balls. Swimbait and reaction-type baits are working, especially on windy days. At the California Bass Federation on Melones last weekend, the winning weight was 11.49 pounds with a big fish of 6.17 pounds. Crappie fishing is best at night under lights around submerged trees from 10 to 30 feet with small or medium minnows or crappie jigs in Bear, Mormon or Carson Creeks. Catfishing is showing signs of life with mackerel, anchovies or night crawlers in Glory Hole or Angels coves or near the Tuttletown ramp. Next seminar is 3 p.m. Sunday, with Fred Thomason of Last Chance Guide Service on Delta/New Hogan striper fishing. The lake came up 1,836 acre-feet to 49 percent capacity. Monte Smith of Gold Country Sport Fishing had a banner day on Lake Tulloch by rolling shad from 6 to 17 feet or pulling a crawler behind a Little Slim Willies on a sideplaner up to 5 feet. He worked from the ramp to the dam and over to Poker Flat. Call: 736-4333, Monte Smith 581-4734, Danny Layne-Fishn' Dan 586 2383, Sierra Sport Fishing 599-2023.

San Francisco Bay

Recent warm storm has resulted in inflow from creeks in the north and south bays. Nearly 3 inches of rain fell in the Petaluma River watershed over the weekend, filling the river and San Pablo Bay with chocolate- colored water. Keith Fraser of Loch Lomond Bait in San Rafael said the inflow bodes well. He predicted the sturgeon bite in the next few months could rival the great year of 2006. Party boats were hampered by the wind Sunday, but managed to find a few legal fish near the Pumphouse. Joel Sinkay at Leonard's Bait in Port Sonoma reported the best bite in the area is in the Napa River, with action in the deep 35-foot hole at the top of South Slough with grass shrimp. In the south bay, John Akina at Oyster Point Bait, Tackle and Deli reported a keeper sturgeon off the pier and from boats in front of the pier and at the San Bruno Shoals on ghost or grass shrimp. Ly Tu at Ly's Fishing Goods in San Jose said the best sturgeon bite has been in the deep water of 42 feet near the Dunbarton Train Trestle with grass or ghost shrimp. The grass shrimp have moved out into deeper water with the inflow from the creeks, and the sturgeon have followed. The Department of Fish and Game Herring hot line reported commercial anglers have been having difficulty locating herring. There have been small herring spawns on eel grass in the Sausalito Channel, in Richardson Bay, and near Anderson Boat Works and Margaritaville. There also were herring from the Brothers Islands to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

San Luis Reservoir and O'Neill Forebay

Ly Tu of Ly's Fishing Goods in San Jose reported there were few anglers out over the weekend in the main lake with the weather. Before the storms, mooching anchovies at depths to 50 feet in 80 feet of water has worked for schoolie stripers to 24 inches. Most anglers soaked pile worms in the Forebay near the bridge for stripers to 22 inches. Patrick Movey said anglers have been tossing Rapalas in firetiger or perch from the banks in the main lake. Lucky Craft 127 or 128's in Ghost Minnow or bone, as well as flukes in white ice, have been hot tackle items for the big lake. The lake came up 10,359 acre-feet to 38 percent capacity Los Banos Creek Reservoir will need a couple of more weeks to clear from the continued inflow, but a trout plant is scheduled for this week. Wind conditions: (800) 805-4805. Call: Ly's Fishing Goods (408) 629-9644; Coyote Bait and Tackle (408) 463-0711