Waterproof case for the outdoors

Outdoor adventurers shoving the 10 essentials of camping into the same backpack might run into a problem. The essentials list recommends toting a fire starter, flashlight and compass.

It also recommends packing extra water. What happens when the bottle cap loosens and soaks the essentials? Or the weight of other supplies crushes the compass?

Small gadgets can be packed into a waterproof plastic container that protects against crushing. Storing gadgets such as cell phones, GPS devices or compasses makes a water leak an inconvenient, not catastrophic event.

The Lexan N-Case from GSI Outdoors is a plastic, waterproof case large enough to hold a cell phone but slim enough to not bulk up a bag. It is about 5-by-1-by-3 inches which means it can comfortably hold a standard flip-top phone, fire starter, and miniature flashlight. Six color options are available, and they cost $7.95.

For more information, visit www.GSIOutdoors.com.