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Chowchilla Police investigate possible homicide

Chowchilla Police are investigating a possible homicide that occurred in the community of Greenhills, according to a news release.

John Davidson of Chowchilla died after suffering fatal injuries during an argument with his wife in the gated community on Sunday, Chowchilla police said in the statement.

Officers responded to a home around 1:30 a.m. Sunday to reports of an adult male chocking on blood from injuries in the Greenhills community, according to a news release.

Officers found the victim inside of a vehicle, according to police. Paramedics arrived on scene and transported the man to Fresno Regional Medical Center with what officers described as severe injuries to his head and facial area.

Authorities say the man died as a result of his injuries.

Chowchilla police say John Davidson and his wife Amber Davidson were involved in an argument outside of a Greenhills residence. Police say during the argument Amber Davidson was seated in the driver’s seat of her pickup truck while John Davidson was standing outside the vehicle.

Amber Davidson told authorities that her husband began pounding on the outside of the door as the two were arguing, according to the news release.

Authorities say that at some point Amber began to drive away and John was dragged a short distance before falling off the side of the vehicle. Police say John Davidson suffered injuries from the fall.

Amber Davidson told authorities she turned around and saw John ‘hunched” over in the roadway before calling a male friend to assist her in placing her husband into the rear seat or the pickup truck, police said. Amber Davidson and the friend then drove her injured husband to another residence in the Greenhills community before calling law enforcement, according to the news release.

This case is still under investigation and is being treated as a homicide as with all cases involving a death, according to police. Chowchilla Police ask anyone with information that may be helpful to the investigation to contact Sgt. Daniel Denny at 559-665-8600.

Police did not immediately say whether any arrests had been made.