Russ Winton: Wine List

November in Yosemite, priceless

Anytime in Yosemite is priceless, but in the fall it’s special. There are no crowds, no traffic jams or food lines. Consider the beautiful fall colors, the crisp clean air, the amazing wines from four California wineries and toss in a gala five-course dinner and you have The Grand Grape Celebration. We love Yosemite and this event, held in the Grand Majestic Hotel, is one of our favorites.

‘Black cloud’ overpass? Here’s the problem at Applegate Road and Hwy. 99 after recent crashes

The Applegate Road and Highway 99 overpass in Atwater was shut down indefinitely by Caltrans on Oct. 12, 2018, due to a big rig accident. It wasn't the first big rig incident to close the busy overpass.