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Russ Winton: Wine List

Yosemite’s grape celebration really is Grand

The Navigator and I made our annual trip to Yosemite, just after Thanksgiving. We had the park almost to ourselves. Most of the people who were there, were there for the same reason, the 37th annual Grand Grape Celebration. We met some “Wine Line” readers from Modesto and Fresno who were delighted to be there. So were we. Here’s why.

Russ Winton: Wine List

Wine thoughts and odd lots

I received a few questions and comments from my last column. My favorite was from Mary of Merced, who wrote, “Happy Anniversary, I’ve enjoyed your column for 11 years and hope to see many more. Cheers!” I’ve enlarged this 10 times, put it in a big beautiful gold frame and hung it in my entry hall with a spotlight shining on it. Thank you, Mary.

Russ Winton: Wine List

November in Yosemite, priceless

Anytime in Yosemite is priceless, but in the fall it’s special. There are no crowds, no traffic jams or food lines. Consider the beautiful fall colors, the crisp clean air, the amazing wines from four California wineries and toss in a gala five-course dinner and you have The Grand Grape Celebration. We love Yosemite and this event, held in the Grand Majestic Hotel, is one of our favorites.

Russ Winton: Wine List

California wine month

It’s time to celebrate! September is California Wine Month. California makes a significant contribution to the state and the nation by providing quality jobs and bolstering the economy through hospitality, taxes and tourism.

Krispy Kreme is celebrating its birthday with a dozen doughnuts for $1

Krispy Kreme is celebrating its birthday with a dozen glazed doughnuts for $1 after purchasing a dozen doughnuts at regular price.