Sarah Lim: Museum Notes

Singing California exhibit opens at the Courthouse Museum

What do George Lucas and Joseph Meyer have in common? They are both Modesto-born artists who made the San Joaquin Valley famous. While Lucas brought Modesto into the national spotlight with American Graffiti (1973), Meyer gave California an unofficial state song titled “California, Here I Come” (1921), which became singer Al Jolson’s signature tune.


Editorial: Priest versus church: case should be tried, public deserves answers

By the time a nasty quarrel reaches the Florida Supreme Court, it's usually about more than just the people involved. If it doesn't have a broader implication for the public or for the law, the court is not likely to want to hear it. But if there is a significant public policy question, the court serves the people best when it interprets its jurisdiction liberally and agrees to take the case.


Parents @ Play: All washed up

Summer's here, and it's time to head outside. And while you're there, why not get wet? Really, really wet. Here are our current water-themed faves for the whole family.

Watch internet sensation Chubbs the cat get spoiled at the shelter

Chubbs, a 29-pound Himalayan mix cat, was found wandering the streets of Altadena, California. He captured hearts online with his "sweet disposition" — "but his heavy load makes it uncomfortable to move around freely."