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Wedding season is my favorite time of year

This adorable pink print summer dress was found at Nordstrom – on sale – and would be perfect for a wedding, business meeting or special occasion.
This adorable pink print summer dress was found at Nordstrom – on sale – and would be perfect for a wedding, business meeting or special occasion. Courtesy Michelle Oliver

June is one of my favorite months of the year. Although the heat is often unbearable and the air quality isn’t the best, June is one of the most popular wedding months.

I remember when I was little I would always watch movies that had weddings in them and one of the most famous lines is “the Plaza in June.” The Plaza Hotel in New York is one of the most famous places to have a wedding in June. Granted we are not in New York, but that is still one of my favorite quotes because it expresses the popularity of a June wedding.

Now I have never planned a wedding for myself, but I have helped plan a few during wedding season. The first thing that is always on my mind is, “What will I wear?” That may seem like a shallow question, but wedding season fashion is a big thing. I am always very conscious of what time of the day the wedding is, where the wedding will be held and the weather. I don’t ever really remember planning my attire around the weather, but these days, with 106-degree weather, how can you not?

If I know the weather will be in the hundreds, a sundress is mandatory. However, on the rare occasion the wedding is in the evening when the heat dies down, I will choose a little more formal outfit. This is all contingent on the venue. Always use your best judgment for attire. Don’t wear a ball gown to a barn wedding, and don’t wear cowboy boots to a country club. So for today’s article, let’s assume that the weather is nice and the venue is a gorgeous hall. The outfit in the picture shown would be a perfect ensemble for that occasion.

I found this dress at Nordstrom during their 40 percent-off sale. I wasn’t intentionally looking for a dress and was just browsing the racks when I spotted this adorable pink print. I was so excited when I found my size and it fit! I knew that this was the perfect dress for a wedding, business meeting or special occasion. Did I mention it has pockets? I was sold!

When it comes to shoes, I am tremendously picky. I have no problem admitting that. Let’s be honest, some shoes are way easier to walk in than others. I always tend to lean toward wedges. They are comfortable, stable and are the least hazardous to my health when it comes to walking. Well, that was until I decided to buy 6-inch high wedges. I had no intention of getting shoes that high, but they matched perfectly and I didn’t walk like a newborn calf in them, so I figured why not?

I couldn’t forget to add a statement necklace to make it pop. Even on a print like this, the statement necklace only added to the drama and created the perfect combination. I borrowed this clutch from my sister and was ready to go.

Whenever attending an event or wedding, make sure you are comfortable in your outfit. I have learned that if it is mildly uncomfortable in the dressing room it will be very uncomfortable at the event. Take your time to find the right dress or outfit for you. Be conscious of your body type, comfort levels and style. Nobody wants to feel like they stick out like a sore thumb. You’ll be 10 times more confident in an outfit that you love rather than one you just like.

Hope you all enjoy wedding season and try to stay cool.

Michelle Oliver is a Merced native and a fashion and beauty blogger at www.gracefulglamourgirl.com. She can be reached at gracefulglamourgirl@live.com.