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Michelle Oliver: Beauty products, fashion items delivered monthly

Fashion columnist Michelle Oliver is wearing a necklace she received from Rocksbox, a service that mails out jewelry monthly.
Fashion columnist Michelle Oliver is wearing a necklace she received from Rocksbox, a service that mails out jewelry monthly. Courtesy of Michelle Oliver

Do you ever have those moments where you find yourself hesitating before purchasing an item online or in store? I do this all too often. I overthink everything by nature and when it comes to shopping I am no different.

What if it doesn’t fit? What if I hate the way it looks on me? What if that color of eye shadow doesn’t look the same in person? These are all questions that I struggle with continuously.

Lucky for me, and for you, I have discovered a way to reduce the anxiety over purchasing items online and in store. Companies are now starting to offer monthly subscriptions to try out new products. These monthly subscriptions range from beauty trials to clothing trials. I have put together a few of my favorite subscriptions right now. The prices for each subscription vary, so you will need to check out their websites to confirm the price of each.

The first one would be Birchbox. Birchbox is a monthly subscription that sends you a box full of beauty products to try out. You take a simple survey about skin type, makeup preference and a few other categories.

After you submit your profile, you will start receiving samples of products. The majority of the products are sample size, but sometimes you get a full-size product. There is a mixture of all different products and all different prices. There are quite a few different beauty-related monthly subscriptions and I have tried a few, but I always come back to Birchbox. I highly recommend subscribing to a service like this so that you can accurately test out products before spending money on a full-size product.

The next monthly subscription I have found useful is Stitch Fix. I absolutely love the concept of Stitch Fix and all it offers. This is a monthly subscription that allows you to receive clothes via mail. You take a survey online that helps a personal stylist figure out your style. Then they ship you some items that they feel you will love.

Once you receive the shipment, you can try on the clothes, purchase the ones you like, and send back the ones you don’t. This is a great subscription for women who do not have time to go shopping or do not know what style of clothing they like.

My final monthly subscription recommendation would be a newer one called Rocksbox. Rocksbox is a monthly jewelry subscription that sends you a few different pieces of jewelry every month. You can try them on, wear them and purchase the ones you would like.

If there are some you don’t like, you can send them back and get another set the next month. I really love this subscription because I am mildly obsessed with jewelry. Just like the other monthly subscriptions, you take a survey about your style and a stylist sends you three handpicked items that they think you’ll love. You can also adjust your personal profile to have the stylist send you items from your style category or send you a few items that are from different style categories.

If you have more questions or would like any more recommendations about different subscriptions or products, feel free to reach out to me via email. I am always happy to help guide you to some of my favorite products and services.

Michelle Oliver is a Merced native and a fashion and beauty blogger at www.gracefulglamourgirl.com. She can be reached at gracefulglamourgirl@live.com.