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Hello, spring allergies

A few weeks ago, I wrote a story about the arrival of allergy season. Then a few days later, I was experiencing my first ever case of seasonal allergies. And in case you didn’t know, they’re the worst.

We’re also dealing with extreme dry conditions and heat that do not help allergy sufferers (it’s suppose to be 90 degrees by Friday).

Some of the specialists I spoke to a few weeks ago, explained that heat makes allergens, like pollen, more potent; and when allergens are more potent, people will experience more sneezing, nasal congestion, itchy eyes and throat congestion, among other symptoms.

This week’s pollen forecast is not looking great. High pollen levels are expected for every day this week.

If you’re an old-time allergy sufferer, you probably have a set routine, or know how to control it. But if you’re new at this, here are a few tips from local allergists:

▪ Antihistamines might be someone’s first go-to treatment, but doctors also recommend corticosteroid nasal sprays and sinus rinses

▪ Roll up windows while driving

▪ Use hypoallergenic linens

▪ Invest in air filters to clear allergens that sneak into homes

▪ Change into a fresh pair of clothes as soon as you get home to get rid of allergens stuck on the clothes you wore outside

▪ Try working out indoors

▪ If allergies symptoms continue or worsen, see your primary care doctor or an allergist