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California named 17th healthiest state for women

A new report that ranks states based on women’s health and wellness, named Minnesota as the best state for women’s health. California placed 17th on the list, and Mississippi and Alabama dragged in the tail end of the rankings.

The report from the Institute of Women’s Policy looked at metrics such as employment, poverty, educational attainment, and reproductive rights and access to health care.

The study showed that in California, women have an overall low lung cancer mortality, placing 5th out of 50. But the state was No. 25 in breast-cancer mortality and No. 22 in heart disease mortality.

California did poorly in mental health, coming in 50th in the “poor mental health” metrics and 35th in “suicide mortality.”

Nationwide, according to the report, the Affordable Care Act has expanded women’s access to contraceptives by requiring insurances to cover contraceptive counseling and services as well as reducing some of the out of pockets costs.

National data also shows that women are more likely than men to be diagnosed with a sexually transmitted diseases.