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Lunden Souza: Finding motivation will fuel pursuit of fitness

Lunden Souza
Lunden Souza Merced Sun-Star

I often get asked “How do you stay so motivated all the time?”

The truth is, I am not wired with built-in motivation and a power button I can just press when I feel like I need an extra boost.

In fact, I am constantly seeking out motivation from other sources, including books, articles, video clips and other people. It is not about having a surplus of motivation in a stockpile somewhere; it is about actively seeking motivation and channeling it into productive use.

You have to keep your fire fueled and burning. Your motivation, energy and productivity are like a fire. You would not just throw a match on a pile of wood and expect it to burn evenly and consistently.

In fact, if you just throw a match on a pile of wood, it would probably burn for a little bit and then burn out very quickly, much like the motivation to do a fad diet or something with instant results.

You have to tend to the fire, add lighter fluid, maybe pape and even use some extra matches in other areas to make the fire burn more evenly.

You cannot just walk away from the fire and expect it to burn; you cannot just walk away from your goals and expect them to reach themselves.

Not only is literature a significant part of my motivation seeking process, but so are people: my clients, other trainers, friends, neighbors, etc. I talk to a variety of people every week, and it is always very motivating for me to hear progress.

Perhaps last week someone was dealing with a lot of pressure at work and problems with overeating due to stress. Then the next week they overcame that obstacle, took control of their eating habits and are feeling amazing. That pumps me up and that encourages me to do better in my own life.

Everyone comes from a different place, so instead of judging one another, why not encourage one another to induce motivation for each other?

Fitness is a lifestyle, not a race.

So instead of dwelling on the down times, or putting someone else down during a time of need, start finding ways to make yourself a more motivated and positive person whose passion is contagious.

Instead of reading gossip magazines and watching all the negativity on television, pick up a motivational book or watch a clip on YouTube about how someone won with the hand they were dealt in life.

And don’t just do this one time. Seek out motivation on a regular basis, channel it and practice it. Just like anything, it can take time, but you can do it and it’s worth the effort – one of the important keys to success.