Lunden Souza: Fitness

Lunden Souza: Work small workouts into your everyday routine

OK, I’m assuming I have convinced you to change your life by getting you motivated, working out and eating healthy consistently (ha).

But what happens when you have an “off” week or are so overwhelmed with tasks that you have to skip a workout?

Life happens. We are human, so everything will not always go as planned – you can plan on that. This weekend I have some tips for you on how to incorporate a bit of fitness into your everyday life without much planning or effort. That way, a crazy day won’t set you off course too much.

My first tip is something that I do all of the time. Since you are supposed to brush your teeth twice a day, you have plenty of opportunity to try this first tip. Do calf raises or leg lifts while you are brushing your teeth.

Sometimes I find myself brushing my teeth longer in order to continue this quick burn, which also has some benefit for my teeth as well. Instead of just standing in one spot, you can take a couple minutes to work out and shine your smile.

The next tip is for those of you that have a filtered water service that delivers those giant bottles that you have to lift up and put onto the dispenser. Instead of just lifting it up, putting it in place and walking away, hold it in the center of your legs for a set or two of weighted squats. If you are someone that is a bit stronger, grab two of them and go for some walking lunges.

When cooking in the kitchen, you can really tack on the calories by taste testing or just snacking on foods. While the food is cooking, sautéing, baking – whatever it may be – do some push-ups on your countertop to work the upper body instead of filling up on kitchen snacks before eating your meal.

I’m guilty of this one also – I find myself cooking and eating and cooking and eating. Then when the meal is finally ready, I am not as hungry as when I started cooking.

My last tip is to vow to always take the stairs. When I was in college at California State University, Long Beach, we had this long uphill walk that I had to do every day to get to my first class. There were so many stairs, including one particularly long set.

Of course there was an option to take the escalator, but I always took the stairs and vowed that I would always take the stairs when stairs are an option. Stairs do wonders for your core and lower body.

Incorporating these tips into your life isn’t the magical secret to getting your dream body, but they are going to add up and move you closer to your goal over time.

In addition, it’s going to keep your body moving, muscles working, and your mind and body accustomed to incorporating a more active lifestyle into all aspects of your life – not just at the gym.

Try out these tips and make an effort to get to the point where you don’t even have to think about incorporating them; you just do.

Fitness is for life, and I am all about finding ways to just be a more fit and active person in our “auto-pilot world.”