Lunden Souza: Fitness

Lunden Souza: Moving toward health, fitness goals requires making changes

When it comes to your lifestyle and making improvements in your fitness, change is definitely required.

Now, for some people, change can be scary. It can be hard to adapt to something new, and the fear of failure can often overpower the desire to change. In my experience, change requires making some adjustments, but change is amazing.

Change requires you to dig deep into your being to develop a mental and even physical strength that you perhaps never knew existed or never took the time to unleash.

For those who do not know, I recently moved to Austria.

Talk about change. Will there be food that I like? What if I need something that I cannot get? What if I get homesick? Do the yoga instructors speak English? Can I find the shampoo that I like? How will I get around? Will I ever be able to speak German fluently? Will I be able to maintain the same workout schedule that I am used to? Will people like me?

So many different questions were racing through my head over the past month that I thought my brain would explode before I even got on the plane.

Then, one day, a friend sent me this quote: “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” This changed everything.

Who cares about all those questions that keep running through by head. The questions I was asking myself were things, which if fulfilled easily, would make me comfortable.

But without stepping out of my comfort zone, this move would not really change me; it would frustrate me and discourage me.

Change is about taking what you have learned and using it to get to that next level. Change is about letting go of what is comfortable and opening up to learning new ways, new habits and new patterns.

When setting your fitness and health goals, you will notice that to reach them, you have to change what is comfortable, be open to learning new things and be prepared for uplifting moments as well as moments of despair.

Nothing worth doing comes easily. Perhaps you don’t enjoy waking up early, but – looking at your busy schedule – it is really the only time you are able to fit in a workout. Then make that change.

Maybe you really love your fast-food breakfast sandwich every morning because the drive-thru is right next to work and you like to sleep in as much as possible rather than taking time to make a nutritious homemade breakfast. Make that change.

Maybe you are intimidated by going to the gym or afraid you will not know what to do in a group exercise class. Make that change.

Making changes in your life is not easy. There will be times when you feel like you are on top of the world and others when you feel like you just fell on concrete from the highest building in the world.

But, like that quote says, don’t waste your time looking back and dwelling on the old way – the way you are used to.

Step out of your comfort zone one baby step at a time. Allow yourself to get to the top, reach your goals and be proud of yourself once you accomplish them.

No matter how big or small your goal, one step in that direction is closer than you were before.