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Michelle Oliver: Enjoy these last days of summer

This adorable coral dress, purchased at TJ Maxx, is ridiculously comfortable.
This adorable coral dress, purchased at TJ Maxx, is ridiculously comfortable. Courtesy of Michelle Oliver

Does anyone else find it incredibly hard to pick out an outfit when it is upward of 100 degrees outside? I, for one, am ready for fall and winter. As much as I love the sun, it is time to say goodbye and bring on some cooler weather.

However, since I can’t control the weather, I guess I’ll just have to deal with it. I guess the upside to high temperatures is getting to wear all my favorite dresses. I found this adorable coral dress at TJ Maxx. Sometimes I find a ton of items there, and sometimes I don’t find a single thing. The day I bought this dress, well, that was a good day.

I found three dresses that day and wear them regularly. One of the reasons I love this dress so much is because it is ridiculously comfortable. Not only does the material have a certain amount of stretch to it, but it is also very soft. It is perfect for a hot day. The dress that is pictured is a great color for summer. It is bright but not an eyesore. It definitely makes a statement, but not in an annoying way.

I paired this dress with my new favorite wedges. I found these wedges on sale and couldn’t pass them up. I am so glad I snagged them because I wear them all the time. They seem to go with everything. When I find an accessory or outfit that I love, I wear it to death. I added a statement necklace to make the dress really pop. I would call this one of my favorite professional and classy outfits. This dress is conservative and covers everything that it should. My biggest concern was making sure it wasn’t too tight. Leave it to Cynthia Rowley to make the perfect dress.

The day I purchased this dress, I ended up buying another Cynthia Rowley dress as well. She has such an eye for making her designs feminine and classy. I have been a fan of hers for years and always seem to end up with one of her dresses after a day of shopping. It seems like you can find her dresses anywhere. She even has a line of home decor I’m obsessed with, too.

With summer hopefully coming to an end soon, don’t forget to wear all your favorite summer outfits over the next couple of weeks. I typically stop wearing bright colors around October, so you can guarantee I’ll be transitioning my closet to move the summer clothes to the back and fall clothes to the front. Be on the lookout for future articles about organizing your closet for fall and how to reuse some summer outfits for fall. Hope you all have a great Saturday. Keep it classy out there and enjoy the last few days of summer.

Michelle Oliver is a Merced native and a fashion and beauty blogger at She can be reached at