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My Favorite Ride: Style, power in 1965 Mustang

Merced resident Bev Garrett’s 1965 Ford Mustang.
Merced resident Bev Garrett’s 1965 Ford Mustang.

The car: 1965 Ford Mustang

The owner: Beverly Garrett, Merced

1. What are the key features of your vehicle? Bench seats.

2. What did you have to do to get it in its present state? Nothing, bought as-is.

3. What else do you want to do to it? Paint the exterior.

4. How did you acquire your vehicle? I loved the Mustang. I bought it through Gaestel Motors and they got it in Detroit, Mich.

5. Why did you pick that particular vehicle and what do you find appealing about it? I loved the style of the Mustang. Then Gaestel Motors told me they could get it out of Detroit, a yellow Mustang with a tan interior. When they told me that, they made a sale.

6. What started your love affair with cars? Seeing the Mustang advertised on TV started my love affair at the time. I had a 1962 Thunderbird. I sold the Thunderbird and purchased the Mustang.

7. What advice would you give others about starting such a project? If you love your car, keep it and take good care of it. I will drive my Mustang until I can’t drive anymore.

8. Do you have any other collector vehicles or project cars? No.

9. What’s your favorite memory about this ride? Taking my grandkids to special places when I had them.

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